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Botanical Collagen Collection

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Acacia Collagen is an essential protein for your skin and is what makes it look smooth and youthful. These Collagen vital proteins are what help keep your skin looking young and smooth. However, Collagen production lessens as you age, so it's important to replace what you lose by supplementing it with Acacia Collagen in your skincare routine.

Incorporating Botanical Collagen-infused skincare products can help to repair fine lines and wrinkles and keep you looking youthful for much longer. This is where Pixi Beauty's Botanical Collagen Collection shines. Our best Collagen products can help you take advantage of all of Collagen's benefits for skin and keep your complexion looking Pixi perfect!

An excellent way to deliver Botanical Collagen to the skin is with Collagen facial masks. Because these concentrated formulas stay on your skin for an extended time, they have the power to deliver Botanical Collagen deep into your skin.

For a no-fuss multitasking face mask that you can do any day of the week, in the shower, try our In-Shower Steam Facial Mask. This gel mask uses steam from your shower or bath to transform into luxurious oil that sinks deep into your pores and delivers a healthy dose of Botanical Collagen and Peptides.

Another great time-saving face mask is our Botanical Collagen Mask. This leave-on mask does not need to be washed off, which makes it a multitasking favourite and helps the mask deliver even more nutrients to your skin. This volume-boosting mask is a powerful hydrator and elasticity increaser thanks to the addition of Botanical Collagen and Amino Acids in the unique formula.

If you prefer a more traditional face mask, try out our Volume Sheet Mask. This fantastic Botanical Collagen infused face mask is formulated to help give you firmer and healthier skin. Each one contains Botanical Collagen and Peptides, which deliver powerful smoothing and volumising effects.

Double your dose of Botanical Collagen in your Skintreats skincare routine by choosing one of our excellent Botanical Collagen facial serums. These serums are designed to be applied on clean, toned skin before your moisturiser.

Our Botanical Collagen & Retinol Serum helps soften the appearance of fine lines by combining two of the most effective youth-preserving ingredients in skincare. In addition to Botanical Collagen and Retinol, this face serum also gives your skin a healthy dose of vitamins for added vitality and increased radiance.

The delicate skin around your eyes is often the first place where your skin starts to age. Help restore, hydrate and brighten this delicate skin by using the Botanical Collagen Eye Serum. This go-to under-eye treatment features Botanical Collagen, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and smoothing Adenosine.