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Banish dry, dull skin from your life by using Pixi hydrating skin care products. If you’re looking for great quality moisturizing skin care made from the most effective natural ingredients for hydration, Pixi is the answer! We’ve got everything you need to transform and rejuvenate your skin, whether it’s seasonally dry, dry year-round or dry in patches. Regardless of your skin type, there’s a hydrating solution that’s right for you.


Cleansers, Removers and Peels 

Great looking skin starts with a good cleansing routine and our hydrating cleansers and peels can help keep your skin looking its Pixi best! Unlike some cleansers, our formulas include natural hydrating ingredients such as coconut extract and rose water. Gentle cleansers can be used daily, while removers and peels should be used on an “as needed” basis for best results. Your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated without being stripped of essential moisture that aids in skin cell regeneration. 


Calming Tonics 

Pixi is famous for skin nourishing tonics that wonderfully hydrate the skin with great options to choose from. Skin tonics help tone your skin while contributing additional hydration, whether you wear makeup or prefer a natural look. If you deal with skin irritations, tonics bring soothing relief, helping to reduce redness and blemishes. Choose from a wide variety, such as Rose Tonic or Milky Tonic, for your daily routine. 


Creams, Oils and Lotions 

Looking for a moisturizer that is gentle, yet effective in delivering much-needed moisture that lasts? Pixi offers lightweight moisturizing skin care creams in various formulas to hydrate skin during the day or overnight. Some formulas are available in a lightweight gel that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Apply our Overnight Glow Serum for a simple treatment that leaves skin feeling soft and supple when you awake. Keep face, hands and body moisturized with our Pixi hydrating lotions such as Hydrating Milky Lotion or Rose Ceramide Cream